Tenacity of a Toddler

Recently, I have experienced some setbacks both personally and professionally.  I would like to share one of those with you.  I was scheduled to run a 5k a few weeks ago.  I was diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis about the same time I signed up for the run.  I have always been able to push through what every runner knows as “the wall”.  I decided to go for a training run about a week before the event.

Instant disappointment!  Not only could I not push through the wall, there was no going around it or over it either.  My back simply gave out.  I barely made it to the turn (1 1/2 miles) and had to quit.  I had a long, slow, frustrating limp back to my car.  That left me with plenty of time to mope!

I started to imagine things like: ‘What if I can never run again?’; ‘What if I can’t exercise at all?’; and ‘What about playing with my kids?’!  I was starting to write myself off.  I started thinking about other setbacks in my life.  I was really in the dumps!

That’s about the time the Holy Spirit interrupted me!  I began to see all of the success stories in the media about people that had overcome far greater struggles than a sore back to accomplish more than I ever had.  Then I started to think about my grandson (he arrives in December).  In just a little over 2 years, the most uttered phrase out of my mouth will be, “No, ________”! (his name is a secret.)

My grandson will be a toddler then.  Toddlers don’t understand obstacles.  They don’t understand defeat.  They only know one thing, TENACITY!  Have you ever watched the determination with which a toddler tries to conquer the locked cabinets?  What about learning to walk?  They fall 100 times and get up 101!  When they can’t get what they want, they let out the primal scream of an ancient warrior!  Toddlers instinctively know they are made to overcome.

What if we had the tenacity of a toddler?  What if we understood the power of God?  What if instead of allowing our setbacks to put us on our backs, we stood back and looked for another way?  What if we turned to God and let Him show us the way?  What if we knew we were made to overcome?

What are some of your setbacks?

  • personal failure
  • struggling marriage
  • financial pressure
  • raising your kids
  • work related issues

The list could be endless, but the solution is the same.  Instead of staying down, get up again, find the tenacity of a toddler, give it to God and go on!  I ended up volunteering for the event instead.  I had a great time seeing old friends and making some new ones.  In short, I overcame!  I found another way! I found the tenacity of a toddler! You were made to overcome!  Start today!!!

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