I Can’t Wait!!!

About a week before my wife turned 41, our oldest son called me.  He had been acting quite stressed.  He was calling to share with me what was going on.  I still remember exactly what he said. “You can’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you, including Mom.”  He knows that’s against the rules so I knew something major was going on.  He continued, “We don’t know for sure, but we think Alyssa might be…”  I cut him off right there.  I was so excited.  I knew he was telling me we were about to be grandparents!

I had to carry that secret for a week.  Kelley was on a business trip.  The whole time she was gone, she thought I was mad at her because I didn’t really talk with her (which is unusual.)  She got home two days before her birthday.  Out of fear of blowing the surprise, I still tried to avoid talking.  On her birthday, the kids came over and gave her gifts.  The last one was a picture of the positive test and a onesie that said “My Grandma Rocks.”  It was the best birthday present ever!  Needless to say, since that time Kelley and I have both been in the ‘I can’t wait’ stage.

Today as I was thinking about our new grandson, who will make his grand entrance in December, I wasn’t necessarily praying for him, but just thinking about him and what the plans of the Lord will be for his life.  I also started to think of the things I can’t wait for.  As I was imagining things like clean baby smell, snuggles after bath time, first words, first steps which also bring first boo boos, I realized there were other things I could wait for.  In fact, I thought of things I could go my whole life without ever having to experience again.

There’s nothing worse then having to change a baby that’s had a diaper explosion all the way up their back.  I’m not looking forward to those.  I’m not looking forward to crying that nothing seems to soothe.  I’m not looking forward to stage 1 baby food…gross!  There are others things as well, but those things are part of the package.

As I lay there, I started thinking about Israel.  Once they knew they were leaving Egypt, they couldn’t wait!  They were so excited to be free from captivity.  They were so excited God had a plan for them.  The excitement didn’t last though, did it?  As soon as they got a whiff of their first dirty diaper, in the form of the Red Sea, they began to complain and they continued to complain for the next 40 years!

I don’t know what God has planned for my grandson.  I don’t know what He has planned for you, but what I do know is this.  He promises to be faithful.  I hope, like Kelley and I, as God births new things in your life (for us, our baby) you get excited.  I hope you get the ‘I can’t wait’ feeling.  I also hope and pray that as His plan unfolds you can maintain that excitement and joy, even during blow out diapers!  God is faithful friends, instead of pouting about poop, be thankful for baby wipes!

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