About Us


The Lighthouse of Utica began as a plant in December of 2000, in a storefront on Main Street USA. We were right in the heart of Utica. We outgrew our facility and started looking for property. God did an absolute miracle and since July of 2006, we have been worshipping in our current facility.

We are a non-denominational church that focuses on helping people grow closer to God, closer to each other, and find ways to serve in our community. We do this through our mission statement of Loving, Learning, Living. What exactly does non-denominational mean? It simply means that we are autonomus


To be a beacon of hope in a dark world, through providing the hope of Jesus Christ.

We believe that all people need hope, and the only way true hope can be fulfilled is through Jesus Christ.


Loving Learning Living

We believe that we should Love God, Love each other, and Love ourselves. The Bible calls this the New Commandment. We believe that regardless of age, we should always be Learning how to grow closer to God. The Bible calls this discipleship. We believe that we should strive to Live for Christ through community with believers and reach out to nonbelievers. The Bible calls this the Body of Christ.

Our Statement of Beliefs


The church, according to the Bible, is a living organism. All living things are subject to change. The church is no different. We are constantly searching for new ways in which we can continue to grow, continue to reach our community, and continue to offer the hope of Jesus, while maintaining an uncompromised approach to the Scriptures.

We have a visionary team that meets regularly to discuss and develop goals and guidelines of how we do church, as well as how we are going to do church. We are excited about where we are, as well as where God is taking us!